vom Westen
Digital UI Design & Art Direction

an Evolution

An Evolution of the Soylent Brand in Digital

an Evolution

As Soylent took off from its startup beginnings the brand sought to expand its early successes in online distribution by evolving its e-commerse platform to accommodate a growing product lineup — Not just meeting best practices, but being an innovator along the way. Working within a lean full-stack development team we aimed to iterate on our foundations to improve the fundamental metrics of our website through incremental design and user experience improvements. Here you can see a sampling of those processes.

I functioned as the Principal UI/UX Designer in an ongoing consultation with a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders spanning development, marketing and design to help assess big picture needs and longterm roadmaping strategy.


Designing Modularly and Incrementally

To keep our process nimble and effective we strove to always design with the whole picture in mind. We designed visions of the future we were aspiring to and approached our designs modularly. Thinking on an molecular and even atomic level helped us be prepared with quick answers when unexpected design needs arose.